We're a reputable excavating contractor in Smiths Station, AL

Before you lay the foundation for a new house or office building, you should call an excavating contractor to remove anything that could slow your progress. After all, you wouldn't want tree roots to grow through the building's foundation or boulders to damage your construction equipment. Tip Top Masonry will take care to remove all debris from the lot.

We specialize in land grading in Smiths Station, AL and surrounding areas. Call 706-577-6585 today for a free estimate.

Leave everything to us

Rest assured that Tip Top Masonry has the experience and attention to detail you prefer in an excavating contractor. When you choose us for grading services, we'll complete the following steps to your satisfaction:

  • Step one--excavating: No stumps, trees or boulders will be left in the ground when we're through.
  • Step two-debris disposal: Leave the heavy lifting to our experienced crew.
  • Step three-land grading: We'll cut or fill dirt to leave you with a level surface.
Contact Tip Top Masonry in Smiths Station, AL today to get started.