We focus on residential and commercial driveway paving

Is your driveway cracked, pitted or draining poorly? It's time to repave it. Tip Top Masonry will save you time and money on your driveway paving project. In no time at all, you'll own a beautiful concrete driveway that will stand the test of time.

In addition to driveway paving, we install and repair a variety of concrete structures, including....



Foundations and footings

Contact Tip Top Masonry today to speak with an experienced concrete contractor in Smiths Station, Alabama.

Need parking lot paving services?

Compared with gravel lots, paved parking lots are easier to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. That's why many Smiths Station, AL business owners are paving over their gravel parking lots. When you rely on Tip Top Masonry for parking lot paving services, you'll get...

  • A parking lot that meets your needs-we'll include plenty of parking spaces for new and returning customers.
  • A one-year workmanship warranty-we don't cut corners. We'll handle every detail to your satisfaction.
  • A free estimate for the project-find out how much time and money you could save.
Your customers and your wallet will thank you for replacing your gravel lot. Call 706-577-6585 today to schedule parking lot paving services.


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